SKULabs customers are safe to opt-in to Shopify Multi-Location inventory as soon as they feel ready to make the transition.

You will need to complete these steps to enable multi-location stock sync after your store is opted-in on Shopify.

  1. You must run "listings sync" in our app in order to retrieve the required location data from Shopify for our "Stock Sync" to run in multi-location mode.
  2. After listings sync is complete, you should visit your "Stock Sync" settings to configure your warehouse links. Warehouse links control which SKULabs warehouses are connected to each of your Shopify locations.
  3. Depending on your configuration, you may also want to enable "Multi-Warehouse" stock import in your store's settings on SKULabs. This will allow new products to import initial stock counts into multiple warehouses based on your warehouse links rather than just one warehouse.
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