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How do I enable Shopify Multi-Location inventory seamlessly?
How do I enable Shopify Multi-Location inventory seamlessly?

Enable Shopify multi-location instructions for SKULabs customers

Updated over a week ago

If you have multiple Shopify POS locations, SKULabs makes importing and managing inventory from them simple! Here's how:

After you have configured and enabled your Shopify store to track inventory across multiple locations, there are just a few steps to take in SKULabs:

  1. Run listings sync for your Multi-Location enabled Shopify store so that SKULabs can retrieve your stores required location data.

  2. After listings sync is complete, configure your store's Stock Sync settings and linked warehouses. With SKULabs, you can link specific fulfillment warehouses to each of your locations.

  3. Depending on your desired configuration, you may also want to enable "Multi-Warehouse" stock import in your store's settings on SKULabs. This will allow any new products added to your stores to be imported with their initial stock counts into the linked warehouses you set in the stock sync settings rather than just one warehouse.

If you have any questions are unsure about the best configuration for your needs, please reach out to us in-app or by phone and we will assist you.

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