Order Sync:

SKULabs imports orders from your sales channels so that you can fulfill them and/or adjust stock. When automatic Order Sync is enabled in a store's settings page, orders are created/updated in SKULabs every 5-10 minutes in the background.

Stock Sync:

SKULabs automatically pushes stock updates to sales channels when an item or kit's stock changes. You can enable Stock Sync and customize sync rules on the Stock Sync settings page.

Note: If changes to stock are made outside of SKULabs, you will need to run a manual Stock Sync to override these counts; this can take much longer than an incremental auto-sync if you have a large catalog of SKUs.

Listing Sync:

SKULabs can pull in new and updated listing info from your sales channels in order to keep your SKULabs catalog up to date. Always remember to run a Listing Sync from the SKULabs dashboard after making changes to a store's listings.

Note: If you need to run Listing Sync on a regular basis, you can create an automated sync from the Automation page.

Mark as Shipped Sync:

By default, SKULabs will notify sales channels when you fully ship an order. This includes providing the tracking information (if applicable) so that your customers can track their delivery. You can enable or disable this sync in each store's settings page.

We can partially mark orders as shipped for select channels: Magento, WooCommerce, and 3Dcart.

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