SKULabs is a simple but powerful inventory management and order fulfillment solution. You can get started in minutes by adding your stores, shipping carriers, and team members to your account. From there, setting up your catalog and fulfilling your first orders is a breeze.

1: Add Sales Channels

The first step to setting up your catalog is to connect all your sales channels to your SKULabs account. If your cart platform has an app marketplace, you should find a SKULabs connection there. Otherwise, head to your store settings and select "Add store". Select the sales channel type you want to add and follow the instructions that appear.

When you connect each store, you'll need to choose a catalog import setting. You can choose to build new items from your sales channel listings, to link the listings to existing items, or to set up the catalog manually. In most cases, you can save a lot of time by building items for your primary sales channel and then linking the listings from your secondary channels.

As you're adding and configuring sales channels, there are a couple of common settings that are worth checking based on your needs. First, make sure each store you add has the correct origin and return address put in. These are channel-specific and are needed for order fulfillment to work properly. You'll also want to consider toggling the ability to automatically synchronize orders every five minutes to keep your order list fresh, and to enable an automatic listing import setting.

2: Add Shipping Carriers

Once your sales channels are in place, you should add the various carrier accounts that you ship packages through. If you do, you can use SKULabs to compare postage rates and print shipping labels. Head to your shipping settings and select "Add carrier". Select the carrier account type you want to add and follow the instructions that appear.

3: Add Team Members

It's a good idea to invite your team members to join you in SKULabs as early as possible. That way, they can familiarize themselves with the system and assist you with getting everything set up. There are two methods that you can add more users to your SKUlabs account, both available in the User management menu:

  • Invite Users: This is an easy way to invite multiple people to join your SKUlabs team. Simply type as many names and email addresses as you would like to invite and select "Send Invitations". Each address will receive a unique invitation link. Selecting that link will allow the recipient to set up their new account by entering a password and (optionally) uploading a profile picture.
  • Add User: If you need to quickly add a single user and get them started, you can skip the invitation process and add a user manually. Simply enter their name, email address, role, and a password (that they should change for security purposes) and the account will be created and activated right away.

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