SKULabs is a simple but powerful inventory management and order fulfillment solution. You can get started in minutes by adding your stores, shipping carriers, and team members to your account. From there, setting up your catalog and fulfilling your first orders is a breeze.

Initial Steps

To get started with SKULabs, we'll be taking some recommended initial steps and setting up your account using the setup wizard.

Step 1: Configure and test your hardware

First, review our article on System Requirements & Recommended Hardware. Once you've got the right equipment in place, getting them configured and communicating properly with your other devices is easy.

  1. Download and install the SKULabs Print & Scale Client.
  2. Connect and test your barcode scanners.

Step 2: Organize your SKU catalog

The next thing to consider is how to organize your inventory using SKUs. SKULabs offers you the option of using randomized SKUs for their catalogs, however, we highly recommend that you instead take the time to build meaningful, consistent, and unique SKUs for your products across your sales channels before importing into SKULabs.

Having unique and easily identifiable SKUs for each of your different products will save you both time and trouble when it comes to importing listings from your stores as well as making it easier to track and manage inventory. If you don't have SKUs yet for your product, this is a great opportunity to start!

Step 3: Configuring Your Account - The Setup Wizard

Next, let's configure your SKULabs account. Start by logging in to SKULabs or by using the default Setup Wizard if you're already signed in.

This wizard will guide you through:

  • Setting up your Default Company and Shipping Information.
  • Adding your Sales Channels.
  • Adding your Shipping Providers.
  • Inviting your Team Members.

Default Company and Shipping Information

This information will be used by default for any manual orders you create in SKULabs as well as the default for shipments, packing slips, etc. It can be changed in the Stores Settings page later if needed.

Adding Sales Channels

To help you track, manage, and fulfill your orders and catalog information, SKULabs connects to and synchronizes with each of your online stores or marketplace accounts across your sales channels.

To connect a store or account, just click on the desired sales channel and follow the instructions that appear. We recommend adding all of your current sales channels here to help make catalog setup easier later on.

Tip: Take a moment to consider which store you will use as a "primary" during your initial catalog import. We'll use this "primary" store to create your initial SKULabs items catalog later on.

Initial stock

When connecting each store, you can set its initial stock settings. These options decide how SKULabs imports stock information from listings synced from that store. For now, keep this setting as the default "Import into existing warehouse". We'll go into more details about these options later on.

Tip: When adding stores, it's a good idea to make sure each store you've added shows the correct Origin and Return Address in the Stores Settings page. You can change these once you've finished with the setup wizard.

Adding Shipping Providers

SKULabs also connects to your shipping carrier accounts. With connected carrier accounts, SKULabs will retrieve your negotiated postage rates and provide real-time rate comparisons as well as print shipping labels for orders you've picked, packed, and are ready to ship.

Simply select any of the carrier accounts you want to add and follow the instructions that appear.

If you want to skip this setting for now, you can change or add carriers in your Shipping Settings page later.

Invite Your Team Members

Finally, let's get the rest of your team onboard! Create accounts for your team members by providing account names, login emails, and setting user roles.

Tip: The User management page can also be used to add and invite team members in two ways:

  • Invite Users: Invite multiple people to join your SKUlabs team. Enter the names and email addresses you want to invite and select "Send Invitations". Each address will receive a unique invitation link allowing recipients to create accounts with a password and (optionally) a profile picture.
  • Add User: Skip the invitation process and quickly add a user manually to get them started. Simply enter a name, email address, role, and a password (that can be changed for security purposes) and the account will be created and activated right away.

Once you're finished, click on "Done adding users for now" on the bottom right and... Congratulations! You're all finished with the setup wizard!

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