SKULabs offers customizable User roles and advanced permissions that can be applied per user by a team leader, manager, or administrator.

There are 4 roles for users, each with their own default permissions:

  1. Administrator: Typically the owner; has full access to all components and features.
  2. Manager: Full access to all parts of SKULabs, but restricted access to sales figures.
  3. Standard: Restricted access to barcode editing, insights, and settings.
  4. Limited: Restricted access to inventory and pricing.

How to set User Roles and Permissions

  1. Navigate to the Users page.
  2. Select a user's name.
  3. Select Profile settings.

In the User Profile Settings modal that appears, you can set unique settings specific to each SKULabs user including Role.

In addition to User Role, we also offer Advanced User Permissions for more fine grained control that can be enabled or disabled for any user with a role of Manager or below.

Just click on Edit Permissions.

Then enable the Permissions for the User account:

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