SKULabs offers customizable permissions that can be applied per user by a team leader or manager.

User roles and advanced permissions can be adjusted by selecting a user from the Users list and selecting Edit on their details page. You can reach the user list by clicking on your profile name in the top right of SKULabs > Users.

SKULabs offers 5 standard roles with their own default permissions for each user:

  1. Administrator: Typically the owner; has full access to all components and features.
  2. Manager: Full access to all parts of SKULabs, but restricted access to sales figures.
  3. Standard: Restricted access to barcode editing, insights, and settings.
  4. Limited: Restricted access to inventory and pricing.

In addition, the following advanced permissions can be enabled or disabled on any user with a role of Manager or below by editing permissions in a Users Profile Settings.

  • Account: add new users
  • Account: edit user permissions
  • Warehouse: create new warehouses
  • Stores: add new stores
  • Purchase order: create new purchase orders
  • Purchase order: edit purchase orders
  • Purchase order: view inventory cost data
  • Distributors: add new distributors
  • Distributors: view distributor items and cost data
  • Insights: view sales data
  • Items: modify item info and inventory quantities
  • Items: edit item info and inventory in bulk
  • Items: view cost data
  • Kit: modify kits
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