SKULabs offers customizable roles, preferences, and user permissions that can be enabled per user by a manager, or administrator.

How to set User Roles, Preferences, and Permissions

  1. Navigate to the Users page.

  2. Select a user's name.

  3. Select Profile settings.

User Roles

Set the users Role using the dropdown in the User Profile Settings window that opens.

There are 4 roles for users, each with their own default permissions:

  1. Administrator: Typically the owner; has full access to all components and features.

  2. Manager: Full access to all parts of SKULabs, but restricted access to sales figures.

  3. Standard: Restricted access to barcode editing, insights, and settings.

  4. Limited: Restricted access to inventory and pricing.

User Preferences

Set each users preferences for settings to like enabling Auto-printing packing slips or disabling manual verification for pickers/shippers.


User Permissions

For more control, you can enable or disable permissions for any user with a role of Manager or below.

  1. Scroll to the User Permissions section.

  2. Click on Edit Permissions.

Choose the Permissions to enable for the User account:

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