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Can I log in to multiple devices at the same time?
Can I log in to multiple devices at the same time?

Can I share my account or be logged in to my account in two different places?

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Sharing user log-in information between multiple users is not permitted in SKULabs and is a violation of our Terms of service.

Logging in to another device with your user credentials will automatically log you out of the previous device and will not allow you to be logged in to more than one at a time.

Users on your Account with the role of "Administrator" may use your SKULabs Account to invite a set number of Users to use the Account in accordance with this Agreement. If SKULabs has reason to believe or suspect that a SKULabs Account holder is using more than one Account or is otherwise abusing access to User Accounts, it may issue a warning and terminate the applicable SKULabs Account and any associated User Accounts at any time in its sole discretion with no liability to any User of such Accounts.

This is in accordance with the best security practices as mandated by SKULabs and within the guidelines of our operating partners in effort to keep your accounts secure.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to - [email protected] - or you may contact us at 1800-243-3986.

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