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SKULabs Staycation Plan
SKULabs Staycation Plan

Can I put my SKULabs account on hold or pause it for a few months?

Updated over a week ago

While SKULabs offers various tiered plans built to accommodate anything from small size businesses up to large scale enterprise accounts, there are times where you might need to lower your plan or put a pause on your operations for various reasons such as emergencies or seasonality.

Below is our pricing structure for our current plans in which you are able to dynamically switch month to month depending on seasonality.

We also offer Staycation Plans to customers who for various reasons need to put a hold on operations and would like to pause their current package billing rates.

Staycation is offered to all customers no matter what plan they are currently using. Monthly charge for Staycation is billed at a considerably lower cost per month, and allows the account to stay open yet inactive preserving your data and settings until you are ready to pick back up where you left off.

If your account is in need of being put on pause for a while, feel free to reach out to us through chat, email ([email protected]), or you can give us a call:


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