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Issues logging into SKULabs Print & Scale client
Issues logging into SKULabs Print & Scale client

Fix "Child account not found" and "Authentication error - likely due to a duplicate printnode email."

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To link your SKULabs account to your printers, you'll need to login to the SKULabs Print & Scale client using any active user on your account. It will not matter which user you pick to authenticate. Think of this as linking your SKULabs account, not the user, to your Mac/PC.

If you've used a service called "PrintNode" in the past or if you've already setup another SKULabs account you might receive one of the following errors:

Child account not found


"Authentication error - likely due to a duplicate printnode email."

These errors can be caused when a duplicate PrintNode account exists under the same email address. The primary user on the SKULabs account must be an email address that has never had a PrintNode account before.

How to resolve

  1. First uninstall any other branded print clients or the PrintNode software itself which can conflict with SKULabs Print & Scale client.

  2. After confirming you've uninstalled any conflicting print clients, change the email of the first user who signed up for your SKULabs account to another email in their profile settings temporarily. E.g. if [email protected] is the first user on the account that [email protected] gets this error on, change [email protected] to [email protected].

    ​Tip: If you use GSuite, add "+printnode" to your email. E.g. if your email was [email protected], change it to "[email protected]"

  3. NEW: Log in using the username and password you see under Settings -> Printers DO NOT use your SKULabs password.

If you still receive authentication issues after this reach out to support.

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