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Managing price lists
Managing price lists

Creating pricing tiers for your customers in SKULabs

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If you offer your products at various pricing or discounts, price lists allow you to select which price to use when creating manual orders.

How to create or edit a price list

Price lists can be created and edited on the Settings > Wholesale > Price Lists page.

1. Click on "Add price list"

2. Enter a name to refer to the list

3. Choose a specific price per item on the table at the right or enter a general rule to modify all prices based on your items retail price, wholesale price, or cost.
โ€‹Examples: cost + 9.49, wholesale + 1.49, retail * 0.8. Anything entered per item in the table's Price column at the right will override the rule.

4. Click save when you are done.

Tip: You can import and update your items cost, retail, and wholesale pricing in bulk with an item details CSV import.

How to use a Price List when creating orders

1. Open the orders page and create a New order.

2. In the Price list field on the left column, select the price list you wish to use.

3. Add products to the order and see that their rates are adjusted automatically according to the rule or price set in the selected price list.

Assigning Price lists to specific customers

You can assign price lists to specific customers to use when creating or editing orders.

  1. From the Contacts page, select a customer.

  2. In the Price Lists panel choose "Add price list"

  3. Select a price list and click save.

Price lists can also be assigned to customers in bulk using the Price List column in a Customers import CSV on the Imports/Exports page.

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