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How is Goods on Hand calculated?
How is Goods on Hand calculated?

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There are a number of factors that influence GOH calculation:


Goods on Hand is calculated for the set of items that meet the filters criteria. To view Goods on Hand for all items, reset the filters on Inventory Insights page.

Cost Data Sources

If cost is unavailable, SKULabs will fallback to the wholesale or retail price for an item or 0. Wholesale and retail prices are often higher than the cost of an item, therefore the calculated Goods on Hand in SKULabs will appear higher. This issue can be resolved by ensuring that all in-stock items have cost data.

On Hand

For maximum accuracy of GOH, ensure that each item has a correct on-hand count by performing periodic cycle counts for in stock items as well as items with negative inventory to ensure that physical inventory in your warehouse matches on-hand stock in SKULabs.

Please let us know if you have additional questions on this or need help importing your costs from other software.

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