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How to import historical orders from my sales channel
How to import historical orders from my sales channel

Importing old orders into SKULabs

Updated over a week ago

SKULabs offers the capability to import historical orders as far back as we're able using your store or marketplace's APIs. If you're interested, please reach out to support to begin the discussion.

Cost & Availability

For Pro & Enterprise accounts only - subject to scheduling and availability.

Pricing is 5% per month of history at your plan's monthly rate, minimum 12 months. Importing 20 months of history would cost $999 one-time to import if you were on a plan that costs $999/month.

How many months import for free?

Each integration has it's own rules for how far back we're able to look during a regular sync, including for processing orders. Using the default sync settings, we attempt to import every relevant order for fulfillment and some reasonable amount of history as we would require to keep your inventory accurate.

While some integrations offer additional settings for a backlog, these are normally used to *restrict* not *expand* the number of orders that are imported. As such, you may not find very much success or may break your sync entirely by attempting to expand the number of orders using standard sync settings.

What are my alternatives?

If your only concern is filling in missing historical sales velocity for forecasting, feel free to use the orders import to bring historical monthly summary orders into a new manual store. This is a simple alternative that allows you to run reporting from your prior software, then generate one order per month to track the total sales for that period. Once imported, update their status to shipped

How quickly can SKULabs import my historical orders?

Turnaround time for this service is dependent on availability for custom development projects on a first-come-first-served basis. These issues can extend the amount of time it takes to import:

  • Catalog changes made on the channel after the orders were created may cause order line-items' identifiers to not match with current listing/variant identifiers. This affects accuracy of sales velocity and forecasted numbers.

  • Imported historical orders require reviewing and handling by your team to ensure line-item link configurations and accuracy.

  • Historical orders are imported over a period of time incrementally to respect the orders API rate limit constraints, therefore it may take several days up to to a few weeks to complete this process.

  • For some sales channels such as eBay it's impossible to retrieve historical orders beyond the 30 days they provide already.

How do I get started?

Reach out to SKULabs support once you know how many months of history you would like to import. We'll assign this to our development team for scheduling information after which you can decide if the timeline and cost work for you before we get started.

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