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What happens when I delete an order in SKULabs?
What happens when I delete an order in SKULabs?

How to delete orders in SKULabs

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Deleting an order is not recommended. SKULabs has options such as "restart order" to undo changes, remove shipments, and undo inventory transactions on orders for just this reason. For protecting your customer's privacy you can utilize "redaction" to automatically redact your customers personal details a set amount of time after shipment or when the orders are cancelled.

As an admin or manager, keep these facts in mind before deleting an order...

No transactions are committed during delete.

When an order is deleted inventory is not restored, labels are not voided, and no changes are made to the order on your sales channel.

Information is lost permanently.

You will no longer have a record of this shipment in SKULabs after it's deleted and can not recover the tracking information or shipping label if it's been shipped. This can throw off analytics and reporting or prevent your customer support team from helping the customer.

The order may be automatically re-imported.

Deleting an order simply removes it from the SKULabs database. If this order is seen again according to your order sync settings, we'll re-import it.
It's recommended to update the order's status on your store or to "archive" the order on your sales channel so it will no longer be imported incorrectly to SKULabs.
For some channels this means cancelled and shipped orders will be re-imported as cancelled or shipped respectively. This can have unexpected negative effects on your inventory if you utilize auto-deduct and repeatedly try to delete a shipped order.

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