We do not recommend repurposing your SKUs into new products or unlinking historical variant listings from your items. These kinds of changes risk the critically important links between the items, listings, and historical orders and can lead to fundamental problems for your catalog.

Potential impacts:

  • Overselling / underselling due to reserves being held for the wrong listing.

  • Inaccurate or missed inventory deductions

  • Inaccurate historical insights and reporting

    • Simply put, changing how a listing looks does not make also it a fundamentally "new" listing. The original listing will still remain linked to the original item, and reporting would thus become commingled.

  • Inaccurate velocity based purchasing reports

  • Shipping rules and tags

How should I handle old products?

As a best practice piece of advice, we don't recommend deleting products or items. A safer alternative to consider that preserves history is by archiving or deactivating products and simply creating a new listing for the new product.

After that:

Note: Do NOT delete or unlink old listings from within SKULabs. They are needed for processing and historical orders.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to support and provide a screenshot of the product from the sales channel.

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