The Archived tab allows you to view and manage archived orders within a given time range.

What is an archived order?
Archived orders are orders that should not be shipped. The orders are either cancelled or in an unknown state as in they no longer appear when we request orders from your sales channel.

Why do orders become archived?
Orders can appear here when:

  • You fulfill the order in another software
  • The order's status is no longer one that SKULabs has been configured to import
  • The order is very old. See your store settings for potential customizations to statuses or historical order import.

What should I know about archived orders?
Inventory reserved for these orders will remain undeducted and will be released as available for sale again. To deduct, add a manual shipment or use bulk stock deduction on these orders to deduct the inventory.

How can I unarchive an order?
The best way to unarchive an order is by changing its status on your sales channel (e.g. set it to paid and unshipped.) If the status of the order on your sales channel appears to be a status that you would like to import into SKULabs, there may be integration settings for your store in SKULabs to enable the import of it.

When this is not possible, you will need to manually process the order within SKULabs and manually copy the tracking information to your sales channel to ensure you keep your delivery performance metrics up.

The Archived state in SKULabs actually indicates that an order is in an unknown state. We do not currently have a system to force an order to not be archived because the next time we fail to find it on your sales channel, it will revert to the archived state again.

If you're certain the order must be fulfilled and you can't change the status on your sales channel, you can fulfill it by ignoring the warnings during the shipping process about the order being archived.

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