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How to edit an order in SKULabs
How to edit an order in SKULabs

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We recommend making changes to orders directly on your sales channel to help keep order information consistent between your channel and SKULabs. Changes made directly on the sales channel are automatically imported with each orders sync as long as the order has not been "disconnected" within SKULabs.

When orders must be edited within SKULabs directly, these are often best saved for quick and simple adjustments prior to shipping, such as changing an order's status, or correcting an address before shipping.

Changes made to an order directly within SKULabs do not modify the order on your sales channel outside of SKULabs, and preserving these edits requires "disconnecting" the order from inbound updates to prevent your sales channel from overwriting them during order sync.

What is a "disconnected" order?

An order becomes "disconnected" when it is manually edited directly within SKULabs.

Disconnected orders can be shipped normally, but changes made directly to the order on your sales channel itself afterward will not longer import into SKULabs during orders sync. If you edit the order in SKULabs, you must make any further edits within SKULabs.

Does SKULabs still mark as shipped "disconnected" orders?

Yes. SKULabs will mark any order shipped and send notification even if it has been disconnected due to order edits like correcting an address.

How to edit an order within SKULabs

  1. Open an order

  2. Click Menu > Edit order.

Solutions for Invalid Addresses

The best solution for correcting bad or invalid address is to review the address, contact the customer if necessary, and make the correction on the sales channel itself.

If you are correcting the address within SKULabs, always make sure to validate the address after correcting it or manually set the validation status if you know it is correct.

The Processing orders page provides shippers warnings and icons when there are orders that require attention. One of these warnings deals with invalid addresses.

How do I reconnect an order that has been disconnected.

To resync an order that has been disconnected in SKULabs, you can simply delete the order and allow it to be synced in during the next orders sync that runs.

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