When orders are marked fully shipped in SKULabs, your sales channel is notified and in most cases, sends emails to customers on your behalf.

Optionally, you can enable store's in SKULabs to send tracking notification emails directly to customers each time a shipment is made in a few simple steps.

Step 1 — Make sure you have verified your e-mail address

Step 2 — Enable shipment notification emails for each of your stores

1. Navigate to settings and click on a store's name

2. Scroll down and click to open the Shipping defaults and settings panel

3. Use Shipment notification emails setting to choose when you want SKULabs to automatically send customers an email. You can send emails for both partially shipped and/or completely shipped orders.

4. Use the Automatically mark orders shipped setting to choose when you want SKULabs to notify your sales channel that an order has been shipped. Tip: "Complete orders" is the recommended default to avoid unexpected behavior like orders archiving before they are completely shipped.

Step 3 — Configure your email template "from address" for every store.

Next, ensure each store's shipped and partially shipped email templates are configured correctly.

1. Navigate to settings and click your store's name

2. Scroll down and click the Templates panel

3. Click the edit icon for the Shipped e-mail and the Partially shipped e-mail templates.

4. Enter the required "From E-mail", "From E-mail Name", "Subject", and optionally an email to CC.

5. Click the Save button.

Tip: You can customize e-mail templates sent from SKULabs to reflect those on your sales channel. We're happy to help, just reach out to us in chat.

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