When orders are marked fully shipped in SKULabs, the sales channel is notified. In most cases, the sales channel then sends emails on your behalf. Optionally, you can enable SKULabs to send shipment notification emails directly to your customers, allowing you to send customers tracking information from SKULabs each time a shipment is made.

From each of your Store's settings, scroll down and open the Shipping defaults and settings panel:

At the bottom of this panel there are two options:

1. The Shipment notification email option allows you to choose if and when you want SKULabs to automatically send customers an email for partially shipped or completely shipped orders.

Tip: You can customize the e-mail templates SKULabs sends to reflect those sent from your sales channel. We are happy to help get this set up for you, just reach out to us in chat.

2. The Automatically mark orders shipped option controls when to notify your sales channel that an order was shipped in SKULabs and should be marked as shipped on the channel itself.

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