Email addresses must first be verified by their owners before they can be used to send emails.

Step 1. Verify your email address

You can verify email addresses by:

1. Visit our e-mail verification page.

2. Enter the name and email address you wish to validate and click verify.

3. Confirm the validation from the email sent to your email account's inbox.

Tip: When using a public domain email (such as "[email protected]" will always be used as a from address in place of public domain emails. The reply-to address will be your address.

Step 2. Advanced identification (conditionally mandatory)

This step is optional unless your domain enforces strict SPF or DMARC policies.

  1. Contact SKULabs support

  2. We can provide you SPF and DKIM records from Postmark which you will need in order to send validated email from SKULabs that is not rejected by inboxes.

Remember, you can never send marketing emails from SKULabs. We use a transactional-only email service in order to ensure the highest deliverability.

See our troubleshooting article for additional information if you are still experiencing issues:

If you have any questions, contact SKULabs support in chat or by email at [email protected].

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