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How to manually send shipment notification
How to manually send shipment notification
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By default, SKULabs automatically submits shipment notification to your sales channel when shipping labels are created or manual shipments are recorded.
Occasionally, you may need to manually resubmit shipment notification for problem orders due to outages at your store or marketplace or other reasons.
Once you've identified the problem orders, follow the following steps to manually resubmit mark as shipped requests.

How to send shipment notification for multiple orders at once

To send bulk shipment notifications, navigate to the Processing or Shipped orders tabs and select the orders, then click on Actions and Bulk shipment notification.

How to send shipment notification for a single order

Open the order, then click on Menu and select Send Shipment Notification.

Warning: If your sales channel does not support partial mark as shipped, we do not recommend using the "Shipment notification" feature to notify your sales channel. This may result in the order being marked completely fulfilled. Rely on the automated mark as shipped to notify your store instead.

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