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Why was tracking information not sent to my store?
Why was tracking information not sent to my store?

Failed mark as shipped, marked shipped, tracking information not updating.

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By default, SKULabs automatically submits mark as shipped requests to your sales channel when shipping labels are created or manual shipments are recorded.

Marking an order as shipped is something every shopping cart and marketplace struggles with. Amazon famously lost the ability to process even their own mark as shipped requests generated even on Amazon Seller Central around Thanksgiving 2020.

Does SKULabs retry marking an order as shipped?

Yes. When sales channels struggle to mark an order shipped, SKULabs automatically retries the request. However, when mark as shipped requests are unable to be retried or fail a certain number of times, it will be up to you and your team to process the requests manually. Thankfully, this is a simple process and it's now easier than ever to identify problem orders and resolve them.

  1. Orders may be tagged "Failed mark as shipped"

  2. Orders may not have a green check mark under the "Marked shipped" column on the orders view.

  3. For stores that are configured to import orders with a "shipped" status for updates, the order might be found in the shipped tab on SKULabs, but the channel status will not say "shipped".

How to re-send mark as shipped requests to your store

Other notes

Amazon only accepts shipment information by feed. Feeds can take up to 24 hours to process worst-case. Amazon will not investigate delays shorter than 24 hours.
For Amazon orders: void requests and changes to tracking can not be submitted by API and must be manually processed inside Amazon Seller Central. This means if you re-ship an order you need to manually adjust tracking inside Amazon.

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