When your business has a lot of partially shipped or backordered products this can present a major challenge while onboarding to new inventory and order management software like SKULabs.

If the answer to the question, "Does Shopify have any orders you know you've already shipped but are showing as unfulfilled?" is yes, you are likely impacted by the issues described in this article.

The interface between SKULabs and your existing solution is exclusively your Shopping Carts and Marketplaces. Ideally we would have a sure-fire way to communicate progress on orders such that you could easily migrate between any software but that is not the case.

  • Your existing software may have had trouble communicating partial or complete mark as shipped statuses on the line level.

  • Your shopping cart or marketplace did not support partial shipment status updates on the line level.

  • Your shopping cart or marketplace failed to process the mark as shipped request as Amazon did days before Thanksgiving 2020

  • Your existing platform may have been rate limited or timed out when firing millions of requests at "end of day" when submitting mark as shipped requests to your store.

  • The type of progress on your order could not be passed to your Shopping Cart or Marketplace. e.g. Backordered products

How do you continue the onboarding process?

There are two components to this issue. Inventory accuracy and order fulfillment accuracy.

For inventory accuracy, your best option is to import true on hand inventory counts from your inventory management software. If you do not already have an IMS, it will be difficult to determine which orders have already been shipped or not shipped and you're best just using your shopping cart's "Free" or "Available" inventory as your "On Hand" until you can perform enough incremental cycle counts to catch up.

For order accuracy, you will want to determine the order number and date for the oldest order you know you still have at least one item to ship. Your next step is to archive all orders prior to that date. Then determine the oldest completely unfulfilled order you have and tag all orders before this order as "Hold - Possibly Partially Fulfilled" indicating to your team that they must double-check the order on your existing platform to determine if there is any partial fulfillment progress on it before they mistakenly double-ship any items. Ideally you can filter all of these tagged orders from your employees view and have them ship the remainder of the items in your existing software but that is not always an option.

If you have questions or feel some part of these recommendations will not work for you please contact our support team to find out what your other options are.

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