If you notice old or already shipped orders showing on your processing orders list, you can remove them without deducting their stock quantities or notifying your channel by changing their status with the Bulk Status Change action.

This action can be used to:

  • remove old or historical orders from the processing tab

  • detail an order's internal status/progress

  • restore shipped or cancelled orders back to the processing tab if needed.

How to remove old orders from the processing tab

1. Go to your processing orders list and find the date of the oldest order which still needs to be shipped out. All orders before this should be considered completely fulfilled and will be removed from the processing orders list.

2. Change the date range filters at the top right of the list to include all orders up to the day before that date. e.g. If the oldest order from step 1 was received on June 11th, 2020. Set the date range from January 1st, 2020 (or even earlier) until June 10th, 2020.

3. At the top left of your list, set your list to show All entries then click the first checkbox to select all orders in the list.

4. Click the Actions button, then select the Bulk status change option in the drop down menu.

5. In the screen which appears, choose the status "Shipped" and click save.

Voila! The orders you've selected will be moved to the shipped list without deducting stock and without notifying the sales channel.

Restoring shipped orders back to the processing table

To restore an order that has been shipped back to your processing table:

1. From the Shipped table, select the checkbox next to the orders you want to change status for.

2. Click the Actions button, and in the drop down menu, select Bulk status change.

3. In the popup that appears, select "Not started" from the options shown and then click save.

The orders you've selected will then return to the processing orders list and can be picked, packed, and shipped once again.

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