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Picking & Shipping
Picking & Shipping

Fulfilling your orders with SKULabs

43 articles
Gift support in SKULabs
Hazmat shipping on SKULabs
Order statuses in SKULabs
How to automatically select the customers requested shipping method in SKULabsHow to link customer requested methods to specific methods
Printing manual fulfillment labelsHow to print labels for manual shipments, self-delivery, grocery pickup, general pickup, and other self-fulfillment options
How is the default picking location decided for an item on an order?How to set a user's default warehouse. How to change the default picking location for orders.
How to remove old orders using bulk status changeHow to move orders off the processing tab, how to return shipped orders to the processing tab
How to find previously combined ordersSorting by Order type
Advanced shipping configurationOptimize shipping with item weights, customs info, shipping method links, rules, and more
Efficient order picking strategies with SKULabs: Reducing Picking TimeExplore a step-by-step workflow that leverages SKULabs' functionalities to lower order picking time effectively.
How to create multiple shipments for an orderHow do I send one order in multiple packages?