When showing locations to pick from during order processing, SKULabs prefers the location that is assigned as each user's default warehouse in their profile settings. If your user's default warehouse setting is set to blank, SKULabs will prefer the lowest alphabetic location that is adequately stocked for that line of the order.

Set user default picking warehouse

You can change users Default Warehouse by:

  1. Navigating to the Users page.

  2. Selecting a user's name.

  3. Selecting Profile settings.

In the User Profile Settings that appear, choose the desired warehouse in the Default warehouse field.

Select the warehouses a user can view and pick stock from

Next, select which warehouses a user can view and pick stock from in the Warehouses section of User Profile Settings.

Click save at the bottom.

This should be repeated for all Users.

Designate picking warehouses per store

When you want to advertise and pick stock from select warehouses for a specific store, simply link warehouses to the store and enable Restrict picking to linked warehouses.

  1. Navigating to stock settings page.

  2. Use the edit icon on the right side of the table for a store's row to open its Stock Sync Settings.

  3. Select warehouses to link to the store.

  4. Enable Restrict picking to linked warehouses.

  5. Save,

Note: Linked warehouses are also used for stock sync.

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