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How to combine orders to save shipping costs
How to combine orders to save shipping costs
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Combining orders can help you save money on shipping, spend less time picking, and in some cases pay less for insurance. When an order get's combined into another, one becomes a Parent order and the other becomes a Child order. To avoid doubling reserved inventory, only Parent combined orders hold reserves.

View our suggested combinable orders in your order alerts or by manually selecting a list of orders to "review combinable orders".

Order alerts

SKULabs automatically suggests any orders we think you should combine in the alert shown above the order's list, just click "see combinable orders". Not all combinable orders will be suggested (see below).

In this example, orders 1024 and 1031 share the same address while orders 1030, 1032, and 1033 share a separate address. With all orders selected, SKULabs will separately combine these five orders to produce two resulting orders.

Review and combine orders from the order table

You can also combine orders from the processing orders list simply by selecting orders then clicking Actions > Review combinable orders.

For each set of listed orders shown, you have the option to choose a parent order and click combine or use the skip button to move on to the next set without combining.

The following orders can never be combined:

  • Two previously combined orders

  • Orders in batches

  • Orders with returns / RMAs

  • Orders with payment transactions

  • Orders with FBA dropshipment

  • Orders with un-voided shipments except as the parent order

  • Orders with scans or verifications except as the parent order

  • Orders with cleared items except as the parent order

  • Orders from different stores

You can combine fresh orders into a previously combined order with progress.

Order alerts will intentionally not suggest combining:

  • Unpaid orders

  • Orders without sufficient addresses

  • Orders without at least an address line one or two

  • Orders in awaiting fulfillment status

  • Orders in shipped status

You can still combine these orders manually from the order list if they have matching addresses but you should review these orders in more detail before combining.

How to combine un-combinable orders?

In cases where you can't combine orders in SKULabs, you can still workaround this limitation by physically shipping items in a single package. Here's how:

  1. Pack both orders into one box.

  2. Click ship on one of the orders.

  3. Create the shipment using the weight and dimensions of the box you are using to ship both orders. Copy the tracking number from this shipment.

  4. On the secondary orders, click Actions > Add manual shipment and provide the tracking number you just copied.

This method ensures all orders are marked as shipped, and still allows you to ship everything together.

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