Benefits of combining orders

  • Fewer shipments
  • Reduced shipping cost
  • Reduce time spent picking
  • Cheaper insurance

Combine orders from order alerts:

Order alerts appear at the top of the Processing Orders page when SKULabs detects there are orders that can be combined. You can use these alerts to quickly combine orders.

Click the underlined message or "See combinable orders" to open the Combinable orders modal. This will show all orders that share the same shipping address and allows you to select which to combine together.

In this example, orders 1024 and 1031 share the same address (a). Orders 1030, 1032, and 1033 also share the same address (b). Using this modal with all orders selected will automatically combine these original 5 separate orders into their respective 2 combined orders.

Review and combine orders from the order table

You can also combine orders from the Orders page using the Review combinable orders action. Orders that are combinable will be shown with the Merge Icon next to their order #s:

Select all orders or only those that you want to combine, then Actions > Review combinable orders to open the Combine orders modal.

The Combine orders modal lets you review any combinable orders and select which one to use as the parent when merging orders together.

Orders that cannot be combined:

  • Orders with any status other than "Not started" or "Delayed".
  • Orders with any scans / verification or cleared items.
  • Orders with any shipments (even voided ones), RMAs, or Amazon FBA shipments.
  • Orders that are part of a batch.
  • Two already combined orders.

Note: We DO support and encourage you to merge orders that have already been combined with any newer orders that are not yet combined.

How to combine uncombinable orders

Although combining orders that already have shipments is not possible using the SKULabs interface, there is a workaround. Keep in mind, you can still physically ship any items in a single package. Here's how:

  1. Pack both orders into one box.
  2. Click ship on one of the orders.
  3. Create the shipment using the weight and dimensions of the box you are using to ship both orders. Copy the tracking number from this shipment.
  4. On the order you did not ship from, click Actions > Add manual shipment and provide the copied tracking number.
  5. Click save.

This method ensures that both orders are marked as shipped, and still allows you to ship everything together.

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