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How to combine orders to save shipping costs
How to combine orders to save shipping costs
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Combining orders in SKULabs can help you save money on shipping, spend less time picking, and improve your customer’s overall experience.

Order alerts and suggested combinations

SKULabs automatically suggests the orders we think you should combine in the order alerts banner. Not all combinable orders will be suggested (see below).

  1. Go to your order list.

  2. Click on the yellow banner at the top

  3. Then click "see combinable orders"

  4. Choose any orders you want combined.

  5. Then click the combine button at the bottom.

Criteria for combinable order suggestions​

To prevent potential shipping mistakes, SKULabs won't suggest combining orders that are:

  • Unpaid

  • In the Shipped or Awaiting Fulfillment statuses

  • Lacking sufficient address details

  • Missing at least address line one or two

These orders can still be combined manually using the steps below from the order list, but you should review these orders in more detail before combining.

Review and combine orders manually

You can also manually review combinable orders yourself.

  1. Go to your order list

  2. Select the checkboxes next to the desired combinable orders

  3. Click Actions > Review combinable orders

  4. Choose a parent order for each set of combinable orders you are shown. (You can skip over any set you don't wish to combine.)

TIP: This method is helpful for any orders which are not automatically suggested for combining, or if you wanted to review each combination to assign a specific parent order more strictly.

Workarounds for un-combinable orders

The following orders can never be combined:

  • Orders that are already combined (Exception: you can combine new orders into a previously combined orders.)

  • Orders in batches

  • Orders with returns / RMAs

  • Orders with payment transactions

  • Orders with FBA dropshipment

  • Orders with un-voided shipments except as the parent order

  • Orders with scans or verifications except as the parent order

  • Orders with cleared items except as the parent order

  • Orders from different stores

Although the orders above can't be combined in SKULabs, you can still physically ship the items in a single package using the steps below.

  1. Physically pack the items from both orders into a single box.

  2. Open one of the orders and click ship.

  3. Create a shipment using the weight and dimensions of the box you are using to ship both orders.

  4. Copy the tracking number from this shipment.

  5. Open the secondary orders, click Actions > Add manual shipment and provide the tracking number you just copied.

This method ensures all orders are marked as shipped, all items deducted, and still allows you to ship everything together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my order is combinable?

Orders with a red arrow icon beside them are combinable.

What happens when I combine an order?

When orders are combined, one becomes the Parent order and the others become a Child order. To prevent inventory discrepancies, only the Parent order will reserve items.

How do I see my previously combined orders?

The orders list has a column for "Type" which will show you combined orders. See our guide on how to find previously combined orders for more information.​​

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