SKULabs offers alternative ways to create a shipping labels that are suited for different shipping workflows.

Single Order

To create a shipping label for a single order, select the order from the processing orders list. In the Shipments panel, select Add to open the Add Shipment window.

The Add Shipment Window will show the shipping address, address type (residential, commercial, or international), the requested shipping method, the amount paid for shipping by the customer, and the shipment details that can be modified. At a minimum, all shipments require dimensions, weight, and a shipping method to be filled in. Optional shipment features include signature confirmation, carrier insurance, Saturday delivery, and more.

The shipment dimensions, weight, and other settings can be filled in automatically through a few different means:

  • If an item is shipped by itself, the dimensions and weight of the item (if available) will be set as the shipment's dimensions and weight.

  • If multiple items are being shipped together, their weight values (if available) will be added together and the total will be set as the shipment's weight.

  • If the order item or combination of items have been shipped previously, and the "memorize" option was enabled in that shipment, then the memorized dimensions and weight will be set for this shipment.

  • Default shipment values set in the store's settings can be applied if none of the above are applicable.

If some shipment values can not be automatically retrieved, or if the existing values are incorrect, be sure to correct those before submitting the shipment. To avoid having to manually enter the package dimensions, you can select one of your saved box sizes from the menu next to the dimension fields. You can also retrieve the package weight from a connected USB scale by selecting the button next to the weight fields.

Multiple Orders

To create shipping labels for multiple orders, select the orders by toggling the checkbox next to each order in the orders table. Then open the Actions menu and select "Ship orders". The dialog window that appears will display each order selected and their pre-configured shipment settings.

If some shipment values can not be automatically retrieved, or if the existing values are incorrect, select the Edit button ( ) next to that shipment to correct its settings. Once each shipment is correctly configured, you can select Ship to mark all of the orders as shipped, send the tracking information back to their respective sales channels, and print out all of those shipping labels at once.

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