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Saved boxes and tracking box inventory
Saved boxes and tracking box inventory

Create saved packaging dimensions to speed up shipping

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You can use your own packaging in SKULabs by saving your box dimensions and keeping inventory for packaging materials as you ship.

Saving time during shipping

Saved boxes will save your time team selecting the correct box sizes during shipping. These saved boxes will show up in a dropdown on the shipment screen. Store default shipping options can set a default box type to save time too. Read more about shipping.

Using shipping rules to automate box selection

Shipping rules can help automate box decisions based on item count or order weight and your saved boxes can be selected as part of of a rule e.g. Use this saved box when there are 3 items in the order. Read more about shipping rules.

Box memorization

SKULabs offers memorization of your shipping choices to save time the next time someone ships the same items. Every time you ship a combination of items, we remember the box you chose to save your team next time even if you don't set up rules yourself. Read more about shipment memorization.

Tracking Inventory

When adding a box for the first time, you can also have SKULabs set up your boxes to track inventory. If you already set up your boxes, make sure there is an item with a SKU matching the following format and assign the box to one location per warehouse to track box inventory.


Box (12x12x12 in)
​Box (30x30x30 cm)

Do not rename these SKUs. They must match this format. Feel free to change the box names though.

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