Managing shipment memorizations
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The shipment memories tab allows you to manage the memorized shipping settings for the various item combinations that you have shipped previously.

How memorization works

Memorization is an option during shipment creation that allows SKULabs to intelligently learn the way your team ships orders. Memorizations are processed and saved on a per-order basis based on the contents of the order and are especially helpful to speed up processing workflows along with other advanced shipping configurations.

After shipping an order, the next time an order appears with the same items and quantities, shipment memories will automatically assign weight, package type, and dimensions.

How to disable memorization

If your team splits orders into partial shipments in a way that isn't likely to be repeated on future orders, we recommend unchecking the memorize feature to avoid overwriting memorizations.

Simply uncheck the Memorize option when creating a shipment:

Editing shipment memories

You can quickly adjust any existing memorized shipment configurations from the shipment memories tab by clicking the Edit button beside it or by simply shipping another order with the same contents and enabling the Memorization option above.

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