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Advanced shipping configuration
Advanced shipping configuration

Optimize shipping with item weights, customs info, shipping method links, rules, and more

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After getting started with shipping in SKULabs, you can start exploring additional features aimed at helping you take the next steps toward optimizing fulfillment.

Add weights, dimensions, and customs information to your items

Enter item details such as weights, dimensions, and customs information into SKULabs to automatically fill in shipment information.

  • If an item is shipped by itself, the dimensions and weight of the item will be set as the shipment's dimensions and weight.

  • If multiple items are being shipped together, their weight values will be added together and the total will be set as the shipment's weight.

  • If the "memorize" option was enabled in the previous shipment for a combination of items, then the memorized dimensions and weight will be set for the shipment.

  • If none of the above apply, your store's default shipping settings will be the values used.

Item details can be updated or imported in bulk via CSV, or by opening an item's details and clicking the orange Edit button:

Add customs information to items

When shipping internationally, let SKULabs fill out the customs form for you.

Add saved boxes

Add custom saved boxes to easily track packaging materials and quickly enter or automate setting shipping dimensions.

  1. Go to settings > shipping > saved packaging / boxes

  2. Click Add box, then set a nickname, location, dimensions, and weight.

To track inventory for your packaging, create a new item with a SKU in the following format matching your saved box dimensions and assign it to a warehouse location:

Box (12x12x12 in), Box (30x30x30 cm), etc.

Enable/disable shipping methods

You can permanently hide or show specific rates like Media Mail and Library Mail on the enabled methods page.

Enabled shipping methods are considered when using the "Least expensive" shipping options. To exclude certain shipping methods from this calculation, you can disable them from Settings page > Shipping tab > Enabled methods. This also hides the method from selection during shipment.

Simply check the box under the Active column next to a method you want to exclude and click save.

Set up shipping rules

Custom shipping rules can automate decisions based on criteria like specific SKUs or tags, value, weight, or number of items and help group similar orders for quicker fulfillment.

Shipping rules can also be configured to set default shipping methods, especially if more than one criteria beyond an exact match of the requested method is needed.


Set up shipping method links

Use shipping method links to automatically suggest a specific shipping method when creating labels based on the shipping option a customer chooses on your store at checkout.

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