Set up shipping method links

The Shipping method links page allows you to automatically and accurately link shipping options your customers can request on your stores to the various shipping methods offered by your shipping carriers. This saves your shippers time, eliminates errors, and ensures your customers receive their products in the time and manner they expect.

For example, if a customer requested "overnight shipping" and you have that option linked to FedEx 1 Day Delivery service, SKULabs would automatically select that method when shipping the order.

To set up shipping method links, navigate to Settings page > Shipping tab > Shipping method links.

Click on Create new shipping method link, and in the screen that appears, select the store, the requested method and the shipping method to use.

Click save, and your method link is configured!

Enable/disable shipping methods

Enabled shipping methods are used in the "Least expensive calculation" default shipping options. To exclude certain shipping methods from this calculation, you can disable them from Settings page > Shipping tab > Enabled methods.

Simply check the box under the Active column next to a method you want to exclude and click save.

Add saved boxes

You can save custom boxes or packaging materials to make shipping even quicker and easier. Navigate to Settings > Shipping > Packaging / boxes.

Add boxes by clicking Add box and assigning a nickname, location, dimensions and weight.

To keep track of inventory for your packaging, you can create an item with a SKU matching the following format and assigning it to one location per warehouse:

Box (12x12x12 in), Box (30x30x30 cm), etc.

Shipping Rules

Configure shipping rules for various triggers to apply automatic actions.

Add weight to items

Items can be configured to each have their own weights, dimensions and more. Simply visit an item's details page and click the Edit button, then set the desired information and click save.

Add customs information to items

Automatically fill in customs information when shipping internationally by configuring customs fields for your items.

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