SKULabs' shipping solution enables your business to reduce the time and cost of shipping through easy to use tools and automations for comparing rates and creating shipping labels from a multitude of carriers. This article details the prerequisites to start shipping in SKULabs.

Connect all of your carrier accounts to SKULabs

SKULabs by default includes Manual pickup / delivery labels. If you only use pickup / delivery labels and don't use shipping providers, skip this step.

With connected shipping carriers, SKULabs will retrieve your negotiated postage rates and provide real-time rate comparisons as well as print shipping labels. Connect your carriers from Add Carriers page. Simply select any of the carrier accounts you want to add and follow the instructions that appear.

Select label format

The next step is to choose and save printing format for labels from Label Format page where you have the option to choose between 4x6 Thermal paper and 8.5x11 Letter size paper.

Configure shipping defaults and settings for each store

SKULabs allows you to set Shipping defaults and settings for each store which will expedite the shipping process by eliminating the need to manually enter shipping information. To configure each store's shipping defaults, navigate to Store Settings page, select a store, scroll to the Shipping defaults and settings section. Click on the section to expand it and make sure to save the store settings page once you're done.

Connect printers and scales

Connect your printers and scales to auto-fill package weight and sending print jobs to your printers.

How to create shipping labels

SKULabs offers alternative ways to create a shipping labels that fit different shipping workflows. Lean how to create labels from the article below.

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