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How to automatically select the customers requested shipping method in SKULabs
How to automatically select the customers requested shipping method in SKULabs

How to link customer requested methods to specific methods

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SKULabs automatically attempts to link known shipping methods to those requested on the order. However, to help you make the best shipping decisions for your orders, we are careful not to mix up similar yet different requested methods like "Express AM" and "Express".

Where SKULabs does not automatically choose a method for you, there are simple ways to set the shipping method on your orders.

Shipping Method Links​

Map your store's shipping options like "Ultra Saver" or "Free shipping", to specific methods within SKULabs such as "Least Expensive" or "FedEx - Ground".

  1. Go to the Settings page, click on the Shipping tab at the top, and then on Shipping method links.

  2. Click on Create new shipping method link, choose your store, select the shipping method the customer picks, and then the one you want SKULabs to use.

  3. Click save.

Use shipping rules for more control

Shipping rules allow you to select a specific method using more complex criteria than just an exact match of the requested method.

These will override method links and can be useful as defaults for a wide variety of situations like always choosing a certain shipping method for particular products, order values, or number of items.

Manage visibility of specific methods

If there are certain shipping rates you don't want to use, like "Media Mail" or "Library Mail", you can hide them using enabled methods.

Set default shipping methods for your store

Choose your store's default shipping methods as fallback options when no other settings apply.

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