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Using the "Least Expensive" Method Selector
Using the "Least Expensive" Method Selector

How SKULabs chooses the cheapest method for you, and why it sometimes won't

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To make shipping as fast and simple as possible, SKULabs offers a selectable method called "Least Expensive". This shortcut allows you to automatically ship via the cheapest valid method that's available for a particular shipment, based on criteria like to the destination, time in transit, etc.

By default, this shortcut is used for all shipments unless you specify otherwise, either through a rule or setting or manually in the "Add shipment" screen. In the event of no valid method being available for a rate under $50 USD (or $100 USD for international shipments), SKULabs will opt not to select a method.

Configuring auto-purchase limits

On a fresh SKULabs account, SKULabs will automatically choose the least expensive method for domestic shipments unless there is no method available for less than $50 USD. For international shipments, this limit doubles to $100 USD. In those cases, SKULabs will inform you that the available methods are too expensive to auto-select and prompt you to choose a rate manually.

These auto-purchase limits can be customized per store. To adjust the limits, select a store from your Store Settings page and open that store's Shipping defaults and settings panel. Adjust the Auto-purchase limit (domestic) and/or the Auto-purchase limit (global) values, then hit Save near the top of the page to have the change(s) take effect.

Bypassing the Least Expensive selection

In some cases, the least expensive shipping service available is not necessarily the one you wish to ship an order with. In those cases, there are a number of ways to bypass the default "Least expensive" method selector:

  • In the Add shipment screen, select Rates to get live rates that are available for the shipment as configured. Select a rate to ship via that method.

  • In the Add shipment screen, change the Method dropdown to the specific method you wish to ship with.

  • To connect all orders of a customer-selected shipping option to a shipping method, create a new shipping method link on the Shipping Method Links Settings page.

  • To auto-select a specific method for orders that fall under specific criteria, create a new rule on the Shipping Rules page.

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