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Using the "Least Expensive" Method Selector
Using the "Least Expensive" Method Selector

How SKULabs chooses the cheapest method for you, and why it sometimes won't

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SKULabs makes shipping easy and cost-effective with a default shipping option called "Least expensive".

This option automatically finds the cheapest valid shipping method that's within your budget based on destination, time in transit, etc.

If there isn't a way to ship a package using a rate within your store's auto-purchase limits, SKULabs will automatically warn and prompt you to choose a rate manually.

Configuring auto-purchase limits

By default, each store's auto-purchase limits are $50 USD for domestic shipments and $100 USD for for international shipments.

You can set your own price limits for auto-selecting shipping methods in your store default shipping settings.

Bypassing the Least Expensive selection

By default, the "Least expensive" option is used for all shipments if you have not already set up our other recommended shipping configurations.
If you want to use a different shipping method, it's easy to change:

  • In the ship window, click the Rates button to compare live valid rates for the shipment as configured. Select a rate to ship via that method.

  • In the ship window, select a different service from the Method dropdown.

  • Use shipping method links and shipping rules to choose how SKULabs automatically selects your shipping methods

Control which methods are enabled

Enabled shipping methods are used for the "Least expensive" option. If there are certain shipping rates you don't want to use, like "Media Mail" or "Library Mail", you can exclude and hide them using enabled methods.

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