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Missing shipping methods - method dropdown / enabled methods / rates window
Missing shipping methods - method dropdown / enabled methods / rates window
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Sometimes your carrier may have rates/methods SKULabs has never seen before. If this is the case, these methods won't show up in the method dropdown while shipping an order. It will also prevent you from disabling these methods under "enabled methods" or using them in rules.

In 99% of cases, you can still ship with these methods by using "Least expensive" or by fetching rates and manually selecting the rate. Rarely, a carrier may pose requirements for shipment information that are not already met or may choose not to reveal rate quotes at all.

For the fastest turnaround time, please report any rate quotes you can find in the rates window that are missing from your enabled methods list. Typically, it takes 1-4 weeks to see new shipping methods made available under "Enabled Methods" and the "Method" dropdown.

If you can't find your method in the rates modal, it can be helpful to still report another rate from the same carrier or even a rate for another carrier connected to EasyPost if you are trying to connect your new carrier by EasyPost so you can get a "shipment id" to discuss with regard to missing methods.

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