To expedite the order fulfillment process, SKULabs can automatically fill in customs information during international shipping. For this to take effect, items will need the following Custom Fields added:

  • Description: The description of goods per item.

  • Origin: Where the item was made, specified in a two-letter country code format (e.g. US).

  • Tariff: The harmonized tariff code (e.g. 6205.20.3000 for a men's cotton T-shirt).

Adding customs information to items:

There are two ways to add customs information to items:

1. Edit an individual item's custom fields from your SKULabs catalog.

  • Open an item

  • Click the Edit button on the upper right of item's detail page

  • In the window that appears, select Add custom field

Enter values for the "Field" and "Value" columns:

2. From the imports/exports page, upload an Item custom fields import CSV. See the following example for how custom fields should be structured via CSV:

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