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How can I bring attention to notes or warn shippers prior to shipping?
How can I bring attention to notes or warn shippers prior to shipping?
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When you're in the routine, it's often easy to overlook order notes or remember policy on certain products. SKULabs automatically imports tags from most sales channels and will automatically prompt your pickers when certain keywords are detected. If you'd like to have a new keyword added to this list, let our team know and we'll review if it can be implemented across the board.

Shipping notification keywords

SKULabs will automatically prompt shippers prior to shipping when any of the following keywords are found in an order tag on an order.

  • Do Not Ship

  • Don't ship

  • Review

  • Investigate / Investigating

  • Unpaid

  • Decline / Declined

  • Reject

  • Audit

  • Stop

  • Chargeback

  • Fraud

  • Pending

  • Hold

  • High risk

  • Cancel

Excluded Keywords

Tags with the keywords "Reviewed", "No Fraud", or "Fraud" in combination with "Pass" will trigger NO notification.

Example Tags

These examples are a great starting point for creating new tags.

  • Review order notes

  • Hold - Pending fraud review

  • Hold - Customer requested we hold shipment

  • Review - Make sure you wrap ceramics in bubble wrap

  • Payment Rejected

  • Order is unpaid

Tag-based Automation

Don't forget to use shipping rules to automatically assign tags based on SKUs, order notes, or other details on the order.

Non-tag-based warnings

SKULabs will warn prior to shipment in additional cases such as when an order has already been shipped, is in a pending (unpaid) status, or when it's cancelled regardless of what tags are on the order. You do not need to manually configure tag automation for these prompts.

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