SKULabs default settings import pending and unpaid orders from most sales channels which Amazon best describes as orders you are on the hook for delivering if payment issues are resolved. Even with eBay configured to require immediate payment with Buy It Now, you will also have pending unpaid orders which you MUST account for and can take several days to resolve payment. Only once the orders are formally cancelled can you release this inventory for sale to other buyers.

SKULabs appropriately imports these orders unlike many other solutions out there.

SKULabs considers any order in the following statuses as "pending".

  • authorized (this means payment is approved but not yet "captured" which is where most declines occur)

  • unpaid

  • pending

  • new

  • awaiting payment

  • declined

  • disputed

  • incomplete

  • manual verification required

Once an order is declared as "pending" in SKULabs:

  • it won't automatically be selected within batches

  • packers will be warned prior to shipping when they attempt to mistakenly ship them

  • by default these orders are filtered out of your orders list view with the "Show pending orders" checkbox unchecked.

If you have additional orders you'd like to have filtered out as "pending" in SKULabs, please provide an order number by chat.

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