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Prevent the import of Shopify "pending" orders
Prevent the import of Shopify "pending" orders

exclude import pending orders

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SKULabs strongly recommends you import pending orders. While an order is processing payment or otherwise in the process of resolving payment issues, you should not sell that same unit of inventory to another customer. If you fail to import pending orders, you will oversell.

SKULabs has built in protections that prevent your team from shipping by mistake.

  • By default, a warning confirmation appears when attempting to ship a "pending" order.

  • By default, "pending" orders are not included in batches.

  • You can configure shipping rules to tag orders according to the orders channel status.

  • You can configure order filters to exclude orders with specific tags.

SKULabs considers any order in the following Shopify order statuses as "pending":

  • unpaid

  • pending

  • new

  • awaiting payment

  • declined

  • disputed

  • incomplete

  • manual verification required

  • authorized

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