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BigCommerce Orders Status
BigCommerce Orders Status

Importing BigCommerce orders with custom statuses

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By default, SKULabs imports BigCommerce orders in all of the following statuses:

  • Awaiting Fulfillment

  • Awaiting Shipment

  • Awaiting Pickup

  • Awaiting Payment

  • Partially Refunded

  • Pending

  • Partially Shipped

  • Shipped

  • Cancelled

To choose precisely which BigCommerce orders you want to import into SKULabs by their status on BigCommerce or to add more in addition to these defaults:

  1. In SKULabs, go to your store settings and choose your BigCommerce store.

  2. Scroll down and click on the Access credentials & integration settings panel.

  3. Under the Statuses field, enter all order statuses you want SKULabs to import, one per line.

Additional order statuses SKULabs recognizes:

  • Incomplete

  • Refunded

  • Declined

  • Completed

  • Manual Verification Required

  • Disputed

Importing statuses with custom names

BigCommerce allows users to change the name of default statuses. However, to import orders under these custom named statuses, you must fill in the status field with the original BigCommerce status name (not the customized name it may have been changed to).

"Awaiting Shipment" and "Awaiting Pickup" update

BigCommerce says orders in these statuses have been packaged and are ready for pickup by the shipping carrier or customer. In SKULabs, this best aligns with the "Shipped" status. SKULabs treats these orders as if they were "Shipped". If you do not scan-deduct, ship-deduct, or auto-deduct these orders they will release their reserves.

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