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WooCommerce Order Status
WooCommerce Order Status

Importing WooCommerce orders with custom statuses

Updated over a week ago

SKULabs allows you to choose precisely which orders you want to import according to their order status on WooCommerce.

  1. Go to your store settings and choose your WooCommerce store.

  2. Scroll down and click to open the Access credentials & integration settings panel

  3. Under the Statuses section, enter each order status you want SKULabs to import, (statuses must be entered one per line.)

By default, if you leave Statuses blank, SKULabs imports processing WooCommerce orders.

NOTE: If you make use of custom order statuses, and want it to import into SKULabs, you must also include that status in addition to any default statuses you want imported.

Additional statuses:

  • paid-order = WooCommerce Paid

  • auto-draft = WooCommerce Draft

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