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How to change the status of orders
How to change the status of orders
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Order statuses within SKULabs can be changed for various reasons as useful methods to:

How to change order statuses

Automatically during normal fulfillment

Orders will change status automatically depending on the actions you take on the order.

  • Opened - A user has started picking the order

  • In progress - At least 1 item on the order has been picked/verified

  • Cleared - All items in the order have been fully verified

  • Awaiting fulfillment - A dropship fulfillment request has been submitted to a supplier. Typically used for third-party dropship fulfillment

  • Partially shipped - A partial shipment has been created on the order and there are remaining items to be shipped

  • Shipped - the order has been fully shipped

  • Delayed - the order has been delayed for a specific reason. removing an order from a batch will set its status to delayed

  • Cancelled - the order has been cancelled and does not need to be shipped. Cancelling an order on most sales channels will automatically set the status to cancelled in SKULabs

Individually, from the menu within an order's details

In bulk, using the Bulk status change action

You can change orders statuses in bulk without deducting stock quantities or notifying your channel using the Bulk status change action on the orders list.

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