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Order statuses in SKULabs
Order statuses in SKULabs
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Statuses are internal indications of order progress that will automatically change during your team's normal fulfillment process, but can also be changed manually depending on your workflow.

  • Not started - new order not processed yet

  • Opened - a user has started picking the order

  • In progress - picking verification in progress with at least 1 item verified

  • Cleared - all items in the order have been fully verified

  • Awaiting fulfillment - indicates that a dropship fulfillment order has been submitted to a supplier. Typically used for third-party dropship fulfillment

  • Partially shipped - a partial shipment has been created on the order and there are remaining items to be shipped

  • Shipped - the order has been fully shipped

  • Delayed - the order has been delayed by your team for a specific reason e.g. out-of-stock items

  • Cancelled - order has been cancelled and does not need to be shipped

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