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How do I import draft unpaid orders from Shopify?
How do I import draft unpaid orders from Shopify?

How to correctly reserve and handle Shopify draft order inventory

Updated over a week ago

SKULabs offers the ability to import Draft orders from Shopify.

To enable this feature:

  1. Visit your Shopify store's settings in SKULabs

  2. Open the Access credentials & integration settings panel

  3. Check "Import Draft Orders"

  4. Click save at the top of the page.

As long as an order remains a Draft in Shopify, it's order number in SKULabs will appear in the draft order id format (e.g. "draft_D47"). As long as the draft order is not disconnected, completing the draft will automatically update the order in SKULabs to the new final order number created on Shopify (e.g. "1047") upon the next order sync.

How to correctly reserve Shopify draft order inventory?

By default, Shopify does NOT lower the Available inventory count for draft orders until the draft is completed and becomes a normal order. This can lead to unexpected reserve behavior, under/overselling, or customer's being unable to checkout due to items "Out of Stock" if they are paying on later terms.

To avoid this, you must correctly reserve inventory for draft orders on Shopify by clicking the Reserve items button after adding your products to the draft. This lowers the available quantity and places those reserved units in Unavailable inventory for later checkout.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to your Orders page

  2. Click Create order

  3. Add products to the order

  4. Click Reserve items and set the date you want to reserve inventory until

  5. Click save, send invoice, or collect payment.

How to cancel a draft order?

Shopify does not explicitly provide an option to "cancel" a draft order. They only support a "Delete draft order" function. By default, this will cause the draft order to Archive in SKULabs and release reserves. If you have opted in to Manually cancel archived orders, you must handle these draft orders after they archive.

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