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How are items reserved for open orders across my warehouses
How are items reserved for open orders across my warehouses

Can I set my account to only reserve from connected warehouses?

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When orders are synced with SKULabs, the stock needed to fulfill those orders is automatically reserved from on hand counts in your warehouses. This prevents overselling and ensures you have enough inventory to ship your orders.

Reserved quantities are released once an order is either fulfilled and marked as shipped or the order no longer looks fulfillable on your channel and becomes archived.

There are two methods for controlling how orders reserve inventory from your warehouses.

Default: All stores reserve from all warehouses

By default, reserved quantities are held across all warehouses in SKULabs, giving you the flexibility to fulfill orders from any of your warehouses while maintaining accurate inventory.

Optional: Stores reserve from only linked warehouses

Alternatively, SKULabs can hold reserves only in the warehouses connected to the store where the order was generated. This setting is beneficial for businesses that have dedicated warehouses for specific sales channels or prefer to maintain separate inventory management for different stores and their connected warehouses.

Please reach out in chat, or contact [email protected] if you would like to change your account reservation settings.

How does Shopify multi-location work with reservation from linked only warehouses?

When using Shopify multi-location, SKULabs will hold reserves from all warehouses connected to that store.

How do I know which warehouses are connected to my store?

In each of your store's settings, you will see a link to choose warehouses

This link allows you to manage which warehouses are linked and advertise inventory to your store.

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