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Inventory Management

Tools and guides to count, receive, and sync your stock

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How to process an FBA Inbound shipment / shipping plan in SKULabs
Creating Kits to Track and Sell Items by Volume or WeightCan I use Skulabs to manage my inventory that is both purchased and sold by weights or volume?
How to set Item Stock Alert levelsLow stock level alert
How to configure POS (Point-of-Sale) auto-deduction for multi-location operations
How to manage recurring subscription orders using the Recharge subscriptions appHow to set up a rotating item subscription on Shopify.
How to bulk-deduct stock on orders
Automate stock exports for historical record of inventory snapshotsHow to export historical reports, end of quarter reports, and quarterly inventory takes
How to link or relink a listing to an item or kitFixing items, listings, or kits that are not linked or incorrectly linked
Batch/lot tracking
How to update item details in bulk using CSVUsing the Import / Export page to update your items in bulk with item details CSV importing
What fields can I use in the item details CSV file?
How to export item details to CSVTake a backup of your SKULabs item details with the item details export function
How to import and update stock in bulk using CSVUsing the items stock import function to overwrite stock in bulk through the Import/Export page
How to export items stock to CSVTake a backup of your SKULabs item stock data using the Import/Export page
How to deduct orders in SKULabsPer-shipment vs. per-scan and other stock deduction methods
How to assign items to locationsAssigning products to locations, shelves, or bins within your warehouses.
What is negative inventory and how can I prevent it?
Choosing how to track inventory across your warehouse in SKULabsWarehouse-based inventory, location-based inventory, and tracking multiple inventory levels across the warehouse
What are stock rules for listings or stores?Learn to edit your stock rules and get recommendations for your stock rules to prevent overselling and seller performance penalties.
Advanced stock rule configurationDeveloper / advanced user configuration instructions for stock rules.
Bulk Deduct, Auto-Deduct, and ShipStation deduction in combination with Master of InventoryAn introduction to the complexities involved in multi-channel fulfillment and inventory management.
What does Master of Inventory mean?How are my orders reserved and deducted from inventory?
How can I prevent SKULabs from managing stock levels for specific items?Skip specific listings during stock sync using these rules
Optimize picking using location naming conventionsHow SKULabs can direct team members through your inventory space for proximity-based picking. Choosing picking locations.
Can I import serial numbers from a spreadsheet or in bulk?How to add serial numbers to SKUs and import serial numbers in bulk
eBay Good Til Cancelled / Allow out-of-stock optionsThe quantity must be a valid number greater than 0
Serial management fields
How are items reserved for open orders across my warehousesCan I set my account to only reserve from connected warehouses?