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Creating Kits to Track and Sell Items by Volume or Weight
Creating Kits to Track and Sell Items by Volume or Weight

Can I use Skulabs to manage my inventory that is both purchased and sold by weights or volume?

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If you sell items measured in volume or weight such as ground coffee for example, SKULabs has a useful function that allows you to create and manage such items effectively. Our kitting function, enables you to track inventory items by defining a minimum unit value, such as a gram or ounce of coffee, which you can then use to represent different sale units or variables.

Step 1: Defining the Minimum Unit Value

First, you need to define a minimum unit for your product. This will become your base tracking unit for inventory management. For our coffee example, you might choose to use one oz as your minimum unit.

The best way to decide on what will represent your minimum unit would be to determine "What is the lowest amount by weight that I sell this product for". This will determine your single unit base line.

Step 2: Creating Kits for Different Sale Units

Next, you need to create Kits that represent the different quantities in which your product is sold and replenished from your suppliers. You will then fill the kit with the base component item at the given quantities needed to make the kit.

For instance, you might sell your coffee in 8oz (1/2 lb), 16oz (1lb), and 80oz (5lbs) bags, while all of your purchase orders need to be in bulk of 400oz (25lbs) bags.

This can easily be managed by creating a separate kit for each of these variants. Each kit will hold its own SKU tied to your listing on your sales channel. A barcode can be assigned and every subsequent scan will account for the quantities inside of the kit.

using kits to track inventory by weight or volume

With your kits set up, you can now easily track the inventory of your item by volume or weight. When a kit is sold, SKULabs will automatically adjust the inventory of your base SKU. This helps ensure accurate inventory tracking, regardless of how your customers choose to purchase your product.

Remember, SKULabs kits aren't just for items sold in different quantities; they're also a valuable tool for selling various bundled products.

Once you're comfortable with the process of creating kits, consider whether there are other ways you could use this feature to simplify your inventory management as well as help to move items that you have difficulty selling.

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