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How to deduct stock with the deduct tab
How to deduct stock with the deduct tab

How to deduct inventory using the Deduct tab

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The Inventory page > Deduct tab allows you to quickly scan item barcodes and deduct stock in bulk from your catalog's inventory. Deducting inventory is often used to address shrinkage, expired or outdated inventory, or to temporarily remove units from sale during assembly or refurbishment.

How to deduct items

1. Press the "Start scanning" button and choose the default Warehouse/location you will be deducting items from.

Tip: If you have printed location barcodes and intend to deduct inventory from multiple locations simultaneously, you can leave the default location blank. This will require you to scan a location barcode after each item.
2. To begin deducting items, use a connected barcode scanner to input the barcode of an item. If needed, scan the barcode of the location from which the item is being deducted. This will place the items within the deducting table.

3. Continue with each item being deducted.

4. When you are finished placing items in the deducting table, review that the items being deducted and their locations are correct, then select Save to remove those units from your inventory.

Additional Information:

  • If either item or location barcode is not available, you can simply type in the required information manually.

  • Deducting large quantities of the same item from a location can be done by scanning one and selecting the Edit icon next to it to quickly change the quantity of the item being deducted.

  • You can remove an item from the deducting table entirely with the Delete icon.

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