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How to bulk-deduct stock on orders
How to bulk-deduct stock on orders
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Bulk inventory deduction can be used to quickly deduct inventory for items on any selected orders. This is handy if those orders have been fulfilled through an external method but not accounted for in your inventory in SKULabs.

Note: This method of deducting orders does NOT notify your sales channel that the orders are fulfilled.

How to identify and deduct orders that do not have shipments

1. From the Orders > Shipped tab, use the Columns button to display # shipments.

2. Filter orders by choosing a desired date range and sorting your table by the # shipments column to show orders with 0 shipments first.

3. Review these order, and select the orders you wish to bulk deduct using the checkboxes

4. With the desired orders selected, click Actions > Bulk stock deduction:

5. In the window that appears, review the items, locations, and the quantities being deducted from inventory then click Deduct and set status shipped without notifying sales channel:

Note: This will not notify the channel that these orders are fulfilled.

Once deducted, these orders will now show a value in # shipments, as well as an entry in each orders Shipments panel and each item's details log.

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