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How to import and update stock in bulk using CSV
How to import and update stock in bulk using CSV

Using the items stock import function to overwrite stock in bulk through the Import/Export page

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The Items stock CSV import tool can be used to:

Step 1. Export your current item stock information

Before working with CSVs, it is always recommended to first export your existing item stock levels and keep a backup copy. This provides a template to start with and also gives you an easy way to restore information if needed.

Step 2. Prepare your item stock CSV file

You can use a copy of your export from step 1 as a starting template or create a new CSV file using the available item stock import fields:

  • SKU - The stock keeping unit used to refer to the item in SKULabs.

  • Warehouse - The name of the warehouse to assign stock.

  • Location - The picking location within the warehouse where stock for a SKU can be found. Enter "DELETE" to remove picking location names from the given warehouse.

  • On Hand (optional if Alert is already included) - The number of on hand units in stock in the Warehouse/Location.

  • Alert (optional if On Hand is already included) - The quantity at which an item is considered low in stock. If included, but the cells are left blank, the alert value of an item will default to either 10 or your account's Default Alert Level.

  • Reason (optional) - Reason for the adjustment in stock that will show in logs.

  • Remove (optional) - Enter "REMOVE" to remove an item from the given location.

NOTE: To avoid unexpected changes, only include the SKUs, columns, and data you want to change. Before uploading, double check:

  • All column headers and cell values are accurate.

  • There are no duplicate SKU in the file. Duplicate SKUs will result in errors.

Depending on the information you wish to import, your template should look similar to this:

Step 3. Import your item stock CSV file

Once your CSV file is ready, you can upload it to SKULabs:

  1. Go to the Import/Export page

  2. Look under the Imports column on the left side, and click the Items stock import.

  3. Click Upload CSV file and load your file.

TIP: After importing, ensure any adjustments you have made are accurate by checking the Inventory page.

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