SKULabs offers two methods of representing the physical locations for your inventory items. Using the correct method for your needs will help your pickers quickly locate items from your warehouses for shipping and fulfillment. This guide will help you populate your warehouses and locations with items.


The default method, Warehouse-Based, keeps all your items together in a Warehouse and then gives you the option of giving each item a custom Location Alias. The Location Alias can be as simple or as complex as you want. e.g. “Aisle 2B | Section C | Bin 3” , “2B-C-3 Fr/Ba” , or “2B, N14, Z26” , etc. We recommend this method for 99% of our clients as it is much easier to manage and maintain.

Warehouse-based management works best when physical warehouses organize products into consistent locations, usually keeping their locations to fewer than 3 per product.

It also seamlessly functions with our Auto-deduct, ShipStation deduction, and POS deduction services.

Tip: If you ship or fulfill orders outside of SKULabs, you must use Warehouse-Based inventory control.


Location-Based is an advanced method of organizing your inventory using multiple assigned sections in your warehouses which are referred to as Locations. We do not recommend using this method unless absolutely necessary. It requires much greater overhead cost in time, management, and maintenance, and can lead to overselling if not managed correctly.

Assigning Items to New Locations

Using the Item Details Page

1. Click on an item's name from the Items tab on your Inventory Page.

2. Under the Stock panel on the item's details page, click Add stock.

3. In the popup form that appears, specify:

  • Which warehouse you wish to assign the item
  • A custom Location Alias (Warehouse-Based) or Location (Location-Based)
  • How many items are currently available in your stock
  • An Alert value

After a Warehouse and location has been assigned, you can edit the values for each by using the edit icon next to the desired location:

From The Locations Page (Location-Based)

This method only applies for Location-Based accounts.

1. On the Warehouse page, select a location.

2.Click "Add Item" on the right side of the screen.

3. In the popup that appears, search for the items you want to assign to this location and click the “+” sign to the right of the item to add them. Repeat as needed.

4. You can then change each item’s On Hand and Alert values using the edit icon next to each:

Tip: For ideas on how to organize your picking locations, see our article on how to optimize picking locations.

Assigning Items to New Locations in bulk

Changing or assigning the locations of your items can be also be done in bulk by importing custom edited CSV files. 

Visit updating Item information in Bulk for more information on this method.

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