Bulk importing items stock

SKULabs users can import and update/overwrite stock quantities in bulk by using the Items stock import function. Items stock import can be used to:

  • Bulk assign locations for items
  • Import stock quantities for new items
  • Update and replacing existing items stock quantities

To bulk import new or update existing stock information for items in SKULabs, the safest and simplest method can be done in 3 steps:

1. Exporting your current Item stock information

Export your existing catalogs stock information to a CSV file and keep a backup copy somewhere safe. This serves two purposes:

  • Having a backup of your stock data saves you time and stress when restoring data if any mistakes happen along the way.
  • An exported Items Stock CSV is compatible for use as an Items Stock Import CSV, making the importing process much faster than working from scratch.

2. Creating a new Item Stock CSV file or editing a copy of one you have already exported

3. Uploading the edited Item Stock CSV to the Imports/Exports page

Once your CSV file created and edited as needed, navigate to the Import/Export page and under the Imports column, click on the Items stock button.

In the Items stock import modal that appears, upload the CSV import file and allow the process finish.

Okay, you're done! After importing, ensure any adjustments you have made are accurate by checking the Inventory page.

If you have any further questions about importing item stock in bulk, feel free to start an in-app chat with us!

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