Item stock alert levels are managed per each location the item is stocked in.

You can edit this on the Inventory > Items tab by clicking on the item's On Hand count:



You can also edit the stock alert per location directly from an item's details page via the Stock panel:

1. Select the edit icon for the location you wish to adjust the alert level for.

2.​ Set the alert level and click save.

Updating Item Stock Alerts in Bulk

Stock alert levels can be updated for items in bulk with an Item Stock import by including the following columns in a CSV:

  • SKU

  • Warehouse (the case-sensitive name of your warehouse in SKULabs)

  • Location (optional)

  • Alert

Note: Although "On Hand" and "Alert" both show as required fields, using both "On Hand" and "Alert" together in the same CSV is optional as long as at least one is present. In other words, as long as you include "Alert", you can choose to exclude "On Hand" and vice versa.

View our article on how to import and update Item stock in bulk for more details.

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