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Automate stock exports for historical record of inventory snapshots
Automate stock exports for historical record of inventory snapshots

How to export historical reports, end of quarter reports, and quarterly inventory takes

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SKULabs provides automated stock exports that enable you to keep a historical record of inventory snapshots such as monthly stock report. The export is generated in CSV format and emailed to you periodically as frequently as desired.

Automated export

  1. Navigate to Settings > Scheduled Automations page to add automation rule and select Add.

  2. On the Add automation rule window that appears, enter your email, select Warehouses report as Action, choose Frequency and Time, then Save.

  3. Download the reports sent to your email within 30 days to preserve them because the exports will be deleted after 30 days for data privacy reasons.

Manual export

The warehouses report can also be exported manually from Import/Export page by selecting the Warehouse stock under Exports column.

Historical Reports

SKULabs offers automatically exporting quarterly reports. These reports and other previously automated reports can be found on the import/exports page > historical exports.

Please note data retention policies vary by report and not all links will be available to re-download. Only administrators and managers can access this area. Only administrators can see automations and other users' past exports.​

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